• EZ FLASH IV for GBA/GBA SP/GBM game flashcard

EZ FLASH IV for GBA/GBA SP/GBM game flashcard

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EZ Team released a new version of EZ4 with micro SDHC memory card slot,GBA/SP/GBM/NDS users now can play those GBA ROMs directly stored into micro SDHC memory card, don't need switching CARDS, direct use of TF card.Perfect support GBA compatibility/GBA SP/GBM


  •     Support all GBA/NDS console
  •     Multi-ROM support
  •     Cheatcodes support
  •     MicroSDHC support, maximum capacity up to 32GB
  •     Extend Memory support, Browser compatible
  •     128Mbit PSRAM
  •     256Mbit Nor-Flash RAM
  •     Homebrew compatible
  •     Support GBA ROM playing up to 256MB size
  •     Support micro SDHC memory card to 32GB
  •     Support Kernel and EZ Client update
  •     come with Kernel 1.75 Pre-installed

How to use?

1.Formate TF memory card(micro SD /FAT, micro SDHV/FAT32).

2.Download GBA ROMs,decompress and will get xxx.gba named ROMs

3.Open official EZ client to rename or patch those xxx.gba ROMs (How? Follow the official manual for EZ4 mini available in EZ client folder).send renamed ROMs to your memory card.

4.Now you can insert memory card into EZ4 and play games on your console.



EZ4 Kernel 1.76

EZ4 Kernel 1.75

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