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Acekard 2i + TF4GB

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This update support 3DS4.2 and DSi1.4.4. (2012.7.14)

Please refer to readme file in the package. 
Please choose update file according to your console. If you're using DSi or DSXL please use ak2ifw_update_3ds21_DSi143.nds to update. I f you're using DSL or DSPhat please useak2ifw_update_3ds21_DSi143_onDSL.nds to update.
Just follow the instructions after you run the update file.

Please [download it here].

AceKard 2i update for 3DS 4.2.0-9 and NDSi v1.4.4 released (2012.7.14)

Download  Firmware Update of AK2i for 3DS4.2 and DSi1.4.4. Please refer to the readme file in the package.

More detail of Acekard 2i ,please follow here ... 

This acekard 2i can use directly on Nintendo 3DS and DSi/DSL, the Sandisk microSD card includes the latest AKAIO.1.8.6a kernel and top DS games, all the games can run perfectly! 

10 Top games list:
1. Dragon Quest IX_ Sentinels of the Starry Skies(US)
2. Golden Sun_Dark Dawn(US)
3. Mario Kart DS(US)
4. Monster Tale(US)
5. New Super Mario Bros(US)
6. Plants vs. Zombies(US)
7. Pokemon Black(US)
8. Pokemon White(US)
9. Radiant Historia(US)
10.The Legend of Zelda:Spirit Tracks(US)

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